Some tips on Corporate Blogging

These tips (to avoid using the pretty nasty word guidelines) are to be seen as hints, ideas, and tips for corporate blogging. It is not a playbook, not the end of the road. Simply something to get you started. Use them with discretion and never doubt to test ways and methods you believe in. Try it out, explore, and learn.

The blog economy

The base of the ”blog economy” is sharing something of value.  You share your insights on a subject and your readers share their thoughts and ideas in the form of comments. But value goes beyond just writing. Sharing (linking to) other blogs & sites – yes, even the competition – your sources, articles, or statistics that has inspired you – it is all a necessary part of blogging. It’s the heart of the blog economy.

Before you start

You need to have a few things sorted out before you start off. These are all beside the technical aspect of blogging. You will of course need a good, easy to use platform (such as WordPress), you will need to get your blogging into the overall PR and marketing strategy and you would like to have an idea of how your company benefits (preferably in $) from all this. Last but not least, you need to engage everyone at your company; from the CEO to customer care. Make them understand what you are doing and why. Fortsätt läsa ”Some tips on Corporate Blogging”

Traces of You – Digital Identity

In many cases, but especially in recruitment, I believe that first impressions are rapidly moving from the personal encounter to a digital one. This makes your digital identity really important since ”First impressions last”, right? I certainly think so. Or at least, a bad first impression leaves you with a long, long way to go.

What is a Digital Identity?

We leave traces all the time and these traces could be what tips the scale. As a potential employee, they could get you your next job, and as an employer, they could very well save you from a bad and costly recruitment.

Everything you write, upload, comment on, twitter or post becomes a part of your digital identity. What’s worse is that it will also include what others say about you, what you write, your tweets, or blog post. So it’s a matter of (literally) not being caught with your pants down at any time. Or it’s a matter of creating and maintaining a good, representative digital identity.

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To respond in social media – a beginner’s guide

How to respond in social media - matrix modelSome time ago, I started to think about how you could make an easy, usable model to help companies understand how, when, and what to respond in social media. I did, and now I’ve been asked to translate it into english by one of my clients. Since I have, I thought I might as well share it with the rest of you.
Early on, I found this amazingly simple and elegant matrix originally developed by the U.S. Air Force. Even though I love it, it’s a bit defensive. My contribution is remake, a more proactive way of looking at how we can deal with comments and buzz concerning our brand or product.
To make this worth while I have a few assumptions:
  1. we want people to talk about us. More, not less and more often.
  2. we have a good product and/or ideas worth talking about.
If not, well you should stop right now.